There’s no choice. They’re all the same.

The General Election’s coming. 7th May 2015.

Talking of your ability to choose I can hear you say “There’s no choice as they’re all the bloody same!”

Well in some ways yes. It’s a given. Politicians in general are shits. Local and national the story is the same. I think it was Connelly who said something along the lines of:-

“never trust anybody who puts themselves up for election. The very act of doing so should rule them out”.

If Connelly didn’t  say it then he should have.

So where do we place our mark in the coming elections as every party has screwed up or will screw up?  Every party will do something we don’t like. It just stands to reason.

Perhaps we have to look at the underlying ethos. Just who is it the party is working for? Not who they “say” they are working for but who is it that really benefits when they are in power?

When we identify the direction, the thrust, of their policies and establish  who it is that benefits from those polices we can make a balanced decision. Balanced in that; yes they may have a public school multi millionaire as a leader, yes that leader my be a muppet, yes that leader may look like a Wallace and Grommit puppet, yes some policies may seem extreme and not in line with what you, the individual, desire – but balanced, in that despite these out of kilter elements the general thrust of the party of your choice is they are going somewhere you want to go?

I consider myself to be the man on the Clapham Omnibus, Mr Average in my thinking. So where would I put my cross on the ballot sheet.

First, like many people, I’m sick of them all.

I’m sick of the rabid left.

I’m sick of any tiny minority inflicting it’s views on the overwhelming majority and I don’t want chickens to get the vote or something equally bizarre.

I’m sick of self seeking Tories and their W***er Banker chums. 

I’m sick of being one of the little people who buys these buggers out of the terrible mess they jointly landed us in. 

I’m sick of the privilege enjoyed by some politicians whilst inflicting painful cuts to deserving people, the old and infirm in particular. I’ve seen for myself that privilege operating whilst working with and watching the shenanigans of some local Cllrs at County level. And it’s time it stopped. b.t.w. it wasn’t just the Tory Cllrs. Other Cllrs of other political persuasions had similar attitudes.

I’m sick of the spin and generation of propaganda  by, and on behalf of, those in power. Take the Blair government at national level as example. And lets not forget our Current Prime Minister was employed as a spin doctor himself. The electorate are bamboozled into whatever direction the spinners wish us to move. In Blairs case into a war which benefitted only the warmongers. And he hasn’t done so badly out of it either.

The influence these spinners and propagandists have at national and local level  works entirely contrary to the benefit of the electorate.

These PR or Comms departments are there solely (despite what they may argue ) to protect those  who employ them. The politicians, usually the leader. These eminence grise, these familiars and greymalkins are employed by their masters, at our expense, to ensure we do not discover the reality. In effect WE pay them to keep us in the dark. And during all these savage cuts which departments are unaffected? Those which control what we are told. The PR and Comms departments.

So it’s all a sordid and bloody mess. But vote we must. We have to plump for some party or another or else, as Plato warns :-

“The price of apathy towards public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.”

But have a care. Sometimes you vote in those evil men.

I have disagreed with just about every party manifesto and election babble I have ever seen or heard but this time I’m vote according to the thrust, the direction of travel, the underlying ethos of the founding fathers of the parties. But, more importantly, I’m voting in accordance with a peculiar and entirely personal method of appraisal.  If I were to go into segregated rooms full of members from  a single  party which room would I think of as being predominantly consisting of ‘up themselves’ w***ers? And it’s them I  wouldn’t vote for. I know it’s a coarse method of assessment but It’ll work for me.

You may like to read this…   I know it’s flawed and maybe even biased but it does make you think. Does it indicate an underlying ethos for each group? And do the cock ups along the way negate what’s been done? I don’t know but I intend to be better informed for this election than ones in the past. And this helps.

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